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  • BrandPost: Secret ingredient to cloud: paving the way to private cloud July 30, 2021
    People are rushing to go to cloud, and understandably so. But what is it that you really want from cloud? And can you get those benefits yourself, on premises?To answer that, let’s take a look at the advantages of public cloud. Many people think of cloud as renting, instead of buying, hardware. Public cloud does […]
  • BrandPost: Evolve Your Operating Model – It Will Drive Everything July 30, 2021
    Why is a technology company so interested in the term “operating model?” Doesn’t sound very techy does it? It so happens that through all the years of global experience HPE has built in deploying and managing technology, the single biggest constraint is our customers’ operating model.How we help our customers imagine new horizons and seize […]
  • BrandPost: Episode 3: Evolving Your Cloud Strategy for Changing Times July 30, 2021
    There’s no doubt the cloud offers a range of benefits if used to its maximum potential. After the first wave of cloud investment, however, the essential considerations have changed. In this third and final episode our speakers, Gaurav Sharma, Associate Director – Hybrid Cloud Business, Digital Foundation at HCL Technologies, and Dave Smith, Founder and Principal […]
  • The year of ransomware: Don’t be the next victim July 30, 2021
    As organizations adjusted to pandemic-induced remote work, cybersecurity experts worried that cybercriminals would take advantage of relaxed security habits, and if that happened, the aftermath could result in massive cyberattacks.Well, during the worst of Covid-19, phishing campaigns skyrocketed, many of them centered on coronavirus concerns, testing, and later, on vaccines. And now we are seeing […]
  • How Salesforce finds and upskills AI talent July 30, 2021
    Skills related to artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science remain in high demand, with companies scrambling to fill key roles in their pursuit of deep data insights to drive decision-making and to make the most of the promise of AI.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • BrandPost: 4 Unexpected Insights We Learned from Data Leaders July 29, 2021
    “We saw an immense uptake in our online business when the challenges of COVID hit us. At one point, we started seeing Black Friday-type volumes every given day, and that had everything to do with having the people, process, and technology to scale out and really provide unparalleled service.”-- Fahim Siddiqui, SVP, information technology, The […]
  • BrandPost: Adobe Roundtable Provides Deeper Dive on Remote/Hybrid Work July 29, 2021
    A recent virtual roundtable sponsored by Adobe featured a deep and nuanced discussion about remote/hybrid work and the impact it will have on organizations. Toni Vanwinkle, Senior Director of Digital Workplace Experience at Adobe, and a group of senior IT professionals provided more depth and insight than are usually encountered in most discussions of the […]
  • How (and why) to create an emerging technology heat map July 29, 2021
    An emerging technology heat map can be a valuable tool to illuminate the various emerging and disruptive technologies on your organization’s radar. When sourced internally across your organization’s various divisions and departments, it can serve as a rapid assessment tool to help reveal and set priorities as well as areas for further collaboration and coordination. The […]
  • Making sense of Microsoft’s new certifications scheme July 29, 2021
    Over the past few years Microsoft has dramatically changed its approach to certification, moving away from qualifications connected to specific products to instead align them with common job roles. The idea is to provide experience-based learning delivered and assessed in small chunks, rather than forcing IT pros to cram for a long, theoretical exam every […]
  • Accelerating cloud adoption in financial services July 29, 2021