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  • BrandPost: Your database is in the cloud. So why doesn’t it behave like it is? February 25, 2021
    There might be a few organizations that know exactly how many servers they’ll require to handle their database needs for any given period of time, but for most large enterprises whose success depends upon flows of multiple terabytes of data in often unpredictable surges, this is rarely the case.Capacity planning is a guessing game, especially […]
  • IT Salary Survey 2021: Security and cloud computing certifications on the up February 25, 2021
    Do more certifications lead to new jobs, promotions or a pay rise? We asked 1,172 IT professionals their thoughts and whether or not they are currently pursuing certifications and in which areas of technology?
  • Security job candidate background checks: What you can and can't do February 25, 2021
    Enterprise cybersecurity begins with a trustworthy staff. Here's how to ensure that current and prospective team members aren't hiding any skeletons.(Insider Story)
  • The H-1B visa: Facts, requirements, processes February 25, 2021
    The H-1B visa program is probably the most well-known US federal employment visas, and arguably the most controversial. Businesses say it’s too restrictive. Labor organizations complain that it displaces US workers and lowers their wages. Some politicians use it to appeal to their base with scant ability to fix the process to the benefit of […]
  • 16 technology winners and losers, post-COVID February 25, 2021
    The COVID-19 pandemic has delivered a mixture of blessings and curses to the tech world. Some companies such as those specializing in videoconferencing turned out to be saviors, making it possible for society to function — and occasionally thrive — while working at a distance. Others, however, like dev shops that build theatrical lighting control […]
  • BrandPost: Moving Your ERP to the Cloud? There’s an Easier Way February 24, 2021
    Author: Len LandaleCompanies are increasingly moving their enterprise resource planning (ERP) software suites to the public cloud. This is because the move brings two major benefits: a new layer of security to ERP installations, and a reduction in long-term hardware purchase and maintenance costs.In addition, cloud-based ERP systems can offer companies more flexibility, enabling them […]
  • How to hire and retain Black tech pros — for real February 24, 2021
    Turning diversity intentions into reality means going outside your comfort zone and making a sustained effort engage, honor, and understand the African American community.
  • IT Salary Survey 2021: Over half of IT pros are satisfied at work – but nearly half are job hunting February 24, 2021
    Happy at work? Maybe you are not alone. Our 2021 salary survey of IT professionals reveals current attitudes to pay, responsibilities and what matters most in their current jobs.
  • 5 ways to build trust between business and IT February 24, 2021
    You’re not invited to strategic meetings. When you make recommendations, business leaders seek second opinions from consultants, their peers, or the latest magazine article. Users insist they have to have their chosen brand of software because they’re sure your standardized apps won’t meet their needs. Meanwhile, your IT team complains about the requests they get, […]
  • Inside Blue Shield of California's IT operating model overhaul February 24, 2021
    When Lisa Davis joined Blue Shield of California in February 2020, she was not immediately thinking about digital transformation; she was working to move the organization’s 6,800 employees—the majority of whom had never worked remotely—to a remote work environment. But once she and her team had accomplished that feat of strength, she was ready to […]