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  • 12 most difficult IT jobs for employers to fill February 20, 2020
    As we enter a new decade, CIOs continue to shoulder greater responsibility for strategic business tasks, including those related to cybersecurity, data science and analytics and AI/machine learning. With that greater responsibility, comes operational challenges — not the least of which is recruiting and hiring talent with the skills necessary to advance those strategic initiatives.To […]
  • The two things customers want from cloud vendors February 20, 2020
    While many enterprise customers like their cloud products, there are often some general rumblings of frustration with their vendors.  Regardless of how long they have been doing business together, the size of the organization or the size of their cloud investment, cloud vendors seem to commit the same mistakes over and over that are ultimately […]
  • IBM puts Power Systems in SAP’s cloud February 19, 2020
    SAP is now hosting IBM’s latest Power Systems servers in its own data centers, as part of its HANA Enterprise Cloud managed offering. The move introduces a new hosting option for enterprises running modern ERP systems with large databases on the Power platform.That could interest a lot of CIOs: SAP has offered its software on […]
  • CIO Leadership Live with Jason Nairn, CIO of Concordia University February 19, 2020
    Jason Nairn, CIO of Concordia University, joins Maryfran Johnson for this CIO Leadership Live interview. Watch as they discuss IT leadership in higher education, risk management and more. To read this article in full, please click here
  • How to build a collaboration environment for a changing workforce February 19, 2020
    By 2025, most workers will be millennials. These ‘digital natives’ will have a major impact on how collaboration takes place – and it won’t involve walking next door to an office to collaborate.
  • BrandPost: Making Our Cities Smarter and Safer with Digital Technologies February 19, 2020
    Today, 55 percent of the world’s population lives in urban areas, and that number is expected to grow to 68 percent by 2050, according to estimates from the United Nations. Projections show that continued urbanization — or the gradual shift from rural to urban areas — combined with the overall growth of the world’s population […]
  • The 12 CIO skills every company wants February 19, 2020
    At the risk of letting you all guess how old I actually am (somewhere between 27 and 108), I will tell you that I have been advising CIOs on their careers for more than 20 years and recruiting them into their roles for 15.With all of that CIO executive search experience, along with two decades […]
  • How to harness the promise of ‘citizen developers’ February 19, 2020
    The high demand for software developers has programming talent in short supply. And yet the seemingly insatiable need for new applications remains. How is an organization to cope with this gap?To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • BrandPost: 5 IT strategies that will increase speed and agility for the enterprise February 19, 2020
    Athletes understand speed and agility training is vital for becoming the best they can be. It increases performance by strengthening muscles and improving coordination – giving them a competitive edge.The same concept holds true for IT resources. In order to compete more effectively, businesses in every industry are transforming their IT strategy and resources to […]
  • BrandPost: Cloud for Transformation – Cloud for Mindset Change February 18, 2020
    A prediction doing the rounds says that by 2023, half of all the enterprises in existence would have gone through some amount of digitization. This implies an investment of about US $1 trillion every year, for the next few years, towards the digital transformation of those enterprises. Half of that spending will be on Cloud.When […]